At MiltonHaines, we understand that running a business is not an easy task and financial issues can arise at any time. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of funding solutions that can cater to all your financial needs. Our team ensures that funding solutions are tailored to each customer’s individual needs, from startup capital to equipment financing and much more.

Our funding solutions, which are designed to help businesses grow and achieve their goals, provide a diversified range of financing options, listed below. 

Whether you are looking to expand your business, purchase new equipment, or meet operational costs, MiltonHaines can provide you with the funding solutions that you need. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and reach new heights of success, and we are always ready to provide professional guidance and support during every step of the process.

Funding Solutions

Asset-Based Loans

Loan Amount: start at $50,000 and range up to $10 million

Loan Terms: range from 6 months up to 36 months

Payment Frequency: daily, weekly monthly fixed payments

One way for small businesses to secure working capital is through asset-based loans. These loans are agreements that are acquired by business collateral such as inventory, accounts receivable, equipment or other property owned by the borrower. This means that the lender has an asset of the business that serves as collateral for the loan.

It is important to note that the more liquid the business asset, the less risky the loan. This type of secured business loan can be less risky and have bigger benefits than unsecured loans, including potentially lower rates. With an asset-based loan, lenders base their funds on the value of the secured assets, so the amount of financing available may vary depending on the type of collateral the business has. If your business has valuable assets that can serve as collateral, an asset-based loan may be an excellent option for securing the working capital you need.


Bridge Loans

Fixed Payments: payments are automatically withdrawn from the business bank account

Bridge Loan Term Options: loan terms start at 3 months and range up to 5 years

Cost and Fees: an interest charge or fixed fee will be charged (other fees may apply)

A bridge loan can be an excellent solution for small businesses looking for quick and temporary financing while awaiting a more long-term financial solution. It is a short-term loan that helps bridge the funding gap between the business’s current need for financing and the time it takes to secure a permanent solution. This type of loan is perfect for businesses seeking capital to buy real estate, expand operations, manage cash flow, or any other reasons.

At MiltonHaines, we understand that securing long-term financing can take time and may involve an extensive process. Therefore, we work with a network of partners to offer small businesses manageable and easily understandable bridge loans. Our loans cater to a wide range of businesses of different sizes and start at $5,001, going up to $1 million.

Moreover, we provide flexible payment options through automatic daily, weekly or monthly payments. Applying for a bridge loan is straightforward and can be done through our secure online portal. Once approved, our portal remains available to you 24/7, enabling you to check your account anytime and anywhere. At MiltonHaines, we are committed to providing you with accessible, simple and transparent bridge loans.


Commercial Real Estate Loans

Fixed Payments: $75,000 to $2 million

Loan Term 5 – 20 years

Payment Frequency: monthly payments from an account on file

These loans are commonly used to secure commercial property such as office buildings, shopping centers, apartment complexes and industrial warehouses. Commercial mortgages are an excellent option for those looking to acquire, refinance or redevelop commercial property. They are specifically structured to meet the needs of both the borrower and the lender, ensuring that both parties benefit from the transaction. However, before closing on a commercial mortgage, a lender must conduct extensive underwriting and due diligence.

This process typically involves a comprehensive financial review of the property and the property owner or “sponsor.” The lender may also commission and review various third-party reports, including appraisals, to gain a complete understanding of the property’s true value before granting the loan. In summary, commercial mortgages are an excellent financing tool for those looking to invest in commercial real estate, but they require a thorough underwriting process to ensure that the transaction is beneficial for all parties involved.

Equipment leasing

If you are looking for a way to obtain expensive equipment for your business but do not want to purchase it outright, equipment leasing might be the perfect financing option for you. This is a type of arrangement where you simply rent the equipment for a certain period of time, instead of buying it outright. You can lease a wide variety of equipment types, ranging from machinery, vehicles, computers and more.

Once the lease contract is up, you have the option to either return the equipment, renew the lease, or even purchase it outright if you’d like. It’s important to note that equipment leasing is different from equipment financing, which involves taking out a business loan to purchase equipment and paying it off over a fixed term with the equipment as collateral. In that case, once you pay off the loan, you’ll own the equipment.

Invoice Factoring

Advance Amount: start at $20,000 and range up to $10 million

Easy Application: apply and submit your outstanding invoices

Simple Process: get immediate access to capital on outstanding 30, 60 or 90-day invoices

Invoice factoring is a great way for a business to gain immediate access to working capital by selling its invoices at a discounted price. This method is favored by small businesses as it can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days for most companies to receive payments from their customers. Invoice factoring gives them quick access to funds to meet their cash flow needs. With this method, the funder will receive payments on invoices directly from your customers, or you will forward your customer’s payments to the funder until the entire advance amount is paid off.

Furthermore, invoice factoring has many advantages for businesses. It allows your business to turn outstanding invoices into upfront working capital. An essential aspect to note about invoice factoring is that most funders will review a business’s outstanding invoices to ensure customers have a history of making payments on time. Our team at MiltonHaines works closely with many funders to offer simple solutions to obtaining funds through invoice factoring. With our expertise, we can help your business gain the needed capital to succeed.

Line of Credit

Flexible Payments: automatic daily, weekly or monthly payments are withdrawn from the business bank account, and the business only pays back the amount drawn plus any interest or other fees that may be charged

Term Options: amortization from 3–18 months (the term may reset every time you draw capital)

Cost and Fees: an interest charge or fixed fee will be charged, other fees may also be charged

Our line of credit is extremely flexible and gives your business access to the working capital it needs, when it needs it most. As mentioned, a business line of credit is ideal for repeat cash flow needs. It’s also a great option for obtaining working capital to pay for unexpected expenses or exciting new business opportunities. 

MiltonHaines offers and facilitates access to financing from $5,001 up to $250,000. Best of all, the amortization terms can vary from three to eighteen months. Payments on the outstanding balance can be made with fixed daily, weekly, or monthly payments that are automatically withdrawn from the business bank account on file.

Revenue-Based Finance

Flexible Payments: automatic daily, weekly or monthly payments are withdrawn from the business bank account, and the business only pays back the amount drawn plus any interest or other fees that may be charged

Term Options: amortization from 3–18 months (the term may reset every time you draw capital)

Cost and Fees: an interest charge or fixed fee will be charged, other fees may also be charged

Revenue Based Finance, or RBF, is an excellent financing option for business owners who encounter issues with traditional funding sources. If you are a business owner who needs an alternative method of funding, RBF might be an excellent solution for your business. The conventional loan application process usually weighs past credit history, collateral and other stringent underwriting guidelines for approvals, but RBF is more focused on future earning potential. In exchange for a small percentage of your daily profits, for a shorter period of time, RBF offers a lump sum of working capital ranging from $10k-$1.5 million for your business needs.

One of the significant benefits of RBF funding is that the process can be completed from application to funding in as little as 1 to 3 business days, as opposed to weeks or even months taken by traditional financing. This quick turnaround accelerates your business growth and gives you more time to focus on your business operations, inventory management, and sales growth. RBF funding comes in handy in aiding the modern business owner’s financial needs and goals.

Small Business Loans

Flexible Payments: automatic fixed daily, weekly or monthly payments

Business Loan Term Options: terms range from three months up to sixty months

Fast Business Funds: funds can be deposited into your business bank account within hours of approval

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and we understand that they need access to working capital to grow and thrive. The good news is, we are here to help! Our small business loans are designed to offer a lump sum of cash upfront, giving businesses the financial freedom they need to meet their unique needs and achieve their goals. Whether you are looking to expand your operations, cover gaps in cash flow, open a new location, purchase equipment, or anything else, our loans can help make it happen. With our fast and simple application process, we make it easy for business owners to get the funds they need and focus on what truly matters: growing their business.

Our loans are highly flexible, with loan amounts ranging from $5,001 to $1 million, depending on your business’s needs. With fixed payments and longer terms, our small business loans provide businesses with the security and predictability they need to plan for the future confidently. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible financing option for your business. So why wait? Apply for a small business loan today and take the first step towards achieving your business’s full potential!

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